In addition to sound general education the College of Agriculture at St. Florian provides intensive vocational training in theory and practice qualifying graduates to exercise occupations in agriculture and related fields.
The 5-year-course at the College of Agriculture is completed with the Reifeprüfung and VET (= Vocational Education and Training) Diploma Examination and additionally provides university entrance qualifications.
Admission to the College of Agriculture is possible after successfully completing secondary level 1 (school year 8) at either secondary school or at secondary academic school (lower level). An entrance examination may be required in certain cases.

A boarding school attached to the College caters for 184 students. (Boarding school fees are necessary).

Application is due at the beginning of the second term (post or phone).


Höhere landwirtschaftliche Bundeslehranstalt St. Florian
A-4490 St. Florian, Fernbach 37
Tel. ++43(7224)8917
Fax  ++43(7224)8917-15

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